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Course of Fashion Communication and Marketing - Fall Intake

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    Fashion Marketing and Communication - Fall intake
    One Year Courses - Florence

    Attendance: Full-time
    Language: English

    Fashion is closely linked to communication and marketing as they allow brands to communicate their products, identity and strategy. For this reason, it is very important to be able to design advertising campaigns as well as to identify and organize promotional activities, through the most appropriate communication channels, in order to convey the characteristics of a brand and advertise its products.

    The Fashion Marketing and Communication Academic Year allows you to analyse the relationship between brand, products and audiance and the role that marketing and communication plays within the fashion industry. You will explore how brands communicate their key messages across promotional platforms such as branding, advertising, print, digital and social media, visual merchandising, retail environments, events and experimental marketing.

    You will learn the communication strategy and how to develop a written, visual, and digital narrative and to launch, promote and support the brands that you connect with.
    The course takes an in-depth look at positioning and target-audience theories and analyse specific case studies of some of the marketing and communication strategies adopted by the most renowned brands.


    Schedule:  Lessons run from Monday to Friday, full-time.

    Target:  Students attending their second year of university studies in Communication, Marketing or Fashion Styling, and for professionals working in one of these fields, seeking to achive career development and additional skills and knowledge in a specific field.

    Methodoogy and Structure: The education path is based on the acquirement of the cultural, methodological, technical and technological knowledge and skills in the chosen field. The course alternates theoretical lessons with workshops and meetings with representatives of leading companies in the sector. 
    The Academic Year is made up by the Fall Semester in Fashion Marketing and one of the two Spring Semesters: Fashion Communication or Fashion Styling. 

    The aim of the course is to teach you to develop an analytical and critical thinking, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the use of effective communication and the ability to give and receive constructive feedback. 

    Through the Fall Semester you depeen the marketing strategies that brands often employ, and comprehend how these can be measured in terms of productivity, through product positioning,
    perceptual maps and consumer portraits.

    Based on your choice, during the Spring Semester you will concentrate on a new product launch, re-launch, and brand re-positioning, or you will acquire preparation in the planning and communication of events for fashion, starting from the study of significant case histories, as well as learn the most effective methods to manage a project, a customer or an event with digital tools to increase the integrated strategies of communication.


    Fashion Marketing – Fall Semester

    Fashion Communication and Public Relations
    Social Media Lab
    History of Fashion Photography
    Fashion Event
    Fashion Marketing and Management
    Trend Forecasting
    Project Methodology
    Technology of Materials
    Technology of Materials: Leather Accessories
    Made in Italy

    Fashion Communication – Spring Semester

    Fashion Communication
    History of Arts, Fashion and Costume
    Semiotics for Fashion
    Digital Communication
    Fashion Materials
    Fashion Events
    Visual Language
    Introduction to Collection Project
    The Concept of Trend
    Made in Italy

    Fashion Styling – Spring Semester

    Fashion and Contemporary Arts
    Video Language
    Fashion Stylist
    Digital Events
    Digital Communication
    Fashion Writing
    Visual Merchandising
    The Concept of Trends
    Introduction to Collection Project
    Made in Italy

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