B.Sc. International Business Administration - Focus on Renewable Energy

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Informationen über B.Sc. International Business Administration - Focus on Renewable Energy - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf - Berlin

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    Green Business and Energy Innovation

    In today’s world an ever-growing population with rising energy demand is faced with increasingly scarce resources and the impacts of climate change. Governments and stakeholders from the private sector have become aware of this serious issue. A lot of countries around the globe are investing renewable energies in order to secure their energy supply and to stimulate innovation and employment.
    With our Bachelor programme "International Business Administration - Focus on Renewable energy" we offer you the opportunity to become part of one of the fastest growing and exciting fields of the global economy with excellent international job opportunities.  

    Why business administration and renewable energies?

    The programme's focus is on management and business administration in the sector of Renewable energies. It will supply you with technical and practical knowledge of solar energy, wind, water and geothermal power and bioenergy. You develop an understanding about the extensive field of energy supply reaching from decentralized rural and private household electrification up to high tech smart grid solutions as the foundation for future prosperity.
    On the sector of renewable energies you will become familiar with the value chain of energy generation, -distribution and -storage in the context of sustainability as well as from the business point of view. You gain the expertise to choose, adapt or develop appropriate solutions for enterprises and consumers.
    The emphasis on social, intercultural and personal competences provides an ideal preparation of professional assignments in a globalized economy. The personal qualification profile will be completed through projects, internship, business plans and the bachelor thesis in conjunction with organizational and communicational abilities.

    Future perspectives for our students
    Our graduates take over demanding tasks such as
    - Renewable energy technology consulting
    - Economic analysis
    - Technology assessment
    - Energy facility management
    and work e.g. in marketing-, sales- or finance divisions, on the management level in green economy enterprises, environmental organisations, big energy providers or in the field of emissions trade.
    B.Sc. graduates are capable to support the management of a company in all issues of energy efficiency and to take over managerial responsibilities in economy and administration themselves or become entrepreneurial. With a bachelor degree in business administration and renewable energies you may aspire to a position as facility manager, energy consultant or energy trader.

    Practical relevance
    During study projects you work in small groups together with your lecturer and representatives from the private sector on practice-oriented issues. The subsequent 15 week internship will allow you to implement your newly gained knowledge. During the internship you will also be in direct contact with our partners from a variety of branches and backgrounds.

    International for success
    The intercultural focus of the SRH University Berlin is underscored by students from more than 40 nations. Students are encouraged to join international exchange programs within the network of partner universities in Europe and all over the world. Furthermore, you will learn an additional foreign language at our university.

    State-approved and accredited
    The SRH International Management University Berlin is a private, state-approved university.
    The Business Administration Programme with focus on renewable energies is accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

    About the SRH International Management University Berlin
    International and extraordinarily successful: Located at the heart of Germany's capital the SRH International Management University Berlin offers Bachelor and Master programmes in management and communication. We closely cooperate with a number of universities and companies in Europe and beyond.
    The university is renowned for individual coaching and practice orientation as well as an intercultural perspective.

    The SRH Group -- a strong network
    Since 2007 the institution is part of the SRH Group. This non-profit foundation with headquarter in Heidelberg runs eight universities in Germany with a current enrollment of 10.000 students.

    How do you profit?
    • a curriculum design that is constantly adapted to the needs of current job markets
    • Intensive and individual coaching
    • you study in small groups
    • you gain knowledge on the basis of concrete projects
    • you learn in an international group with students and lecturers coming from different cultures
    • Opportunity to go abroad
    • A four month internship is provided

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