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    Doug Solomon
    Chief Technology Offi cer at IDE

    Chief Technology Offi cer at IDEO, working with clients to leverage technologies that create both business and social value. With more than 25 years of leadership experience in the IT industry, Doug has a particular interest in and knack for collaborative technologies that enable greater community engagement and participation. He has held a number of entrepreneurial and executive roles, including vice president of investments at Omidyar Network, senior vice president of corporate development and chief strategy offi cer at both Apple and Palm, as well as leadership positions at Interval Research and several technology start-ups.

    Dave Sifry
    Founder of Technorati

    Is a software entrepreneur and blogosphere icon known for founding Technorati, a leading blog search engine. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University, David worked for Mitsubishi, before going on to create a number of successful companies, including Sputnik, Linuxcare, and Offbeat Guides. He has been a founding member of the board of Linux International, and a technical advisor to the National Cybercrime Training Partnership for law enforcement. He also lectures widely on wireless technology and policy, weblogs, and open source software.

    Diane Greene
    Founder of VMwar

    Was a founder of VMware and the CEO from 1998 to 2008. Greene received her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1976 from the University of Vermont, and a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture from MIT in 1978, and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1988. She is on the board of Intuit, Inc.


    Alex Cruz
    CEO of Vueling Airline
    Is the current CEO of Vueling Airlines, one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. He started his professional career with American Airlines in variety of management roles in Dallas, and afterwards, London. Later on, he initiated the consulting phase of his career with Arthur D. Little, his own aviation consulting company and fi nally became partner at Accenture. As a consultant, he has led projects with many airlines and airline suppliers around the world. In 2006, he started and managed the growth of clickair to 26 A320s and 58 Europe-wide routes. In 2009, he successfully merged clickair with Vueling, turning the new Vueling into Spain’s second largest airline, a $1B company carrying 16 million passengers over 104 routes in 50 airports.

    Pedro Luis Uriarte
    Former CEO of BBVA Bank & vice-chairman of Telefónica

    Pedro Luis Uriarte, is the present Executive Chairman of EmasE, a consultancy firm specialized in strategy, mentoring and coaching. He was the former CEO of BBVA and BBVA, with an impressive track record in the period he was on duty. With an experience of 45 years in finance, industrial sector, public service and university, he was too ViceChairman in Telefonica and founder and first Chairman of Innobasque, the Basque Agency for Innovation

    Salva López
    Founder & Owner Negocios en Clave de Rock

    Salva López is Founder & Owner of Negocios en Clave de Rock, Associated Founder of In Crescendo. Consulting and Director of a Radio Show named «Segona Educacio» at COMRàdio. He is also Marketing & Market Research Professor. Writer and well-known speaker, he is the author of a new best seller «Rockvolucion in Management».

    Fernando Canales
    Michelin Star chef

    One of the most innovative chefs in the world, Fernando Canales Etxanobe holds prestigious a Michelin Star and has received many culinary awards throughout his career. He opened the famous restaurant «Etxanobe» in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao 10 years ago and magnifi cently directs the kitchens of «Akebaso» and Los Tamarises, two other well-known restaurants in the Basque Country. Mr. Canales has been a head juror for numerous culinary competitions as well as an instructor of unique culinary courses throughout Europe.

    Madeline Duva
    Former CEO of China MobileSoft

    Has held senior executive and management roles at a variety of companies, including CEO of China MobileSoft where she managed the sale of the company to PalmSource, and startups Revere Data Corp, CIC, and Dejima. She is an investor and advisory to early-stage technology companies and is currently chair of sensor technology company Plant Sense.


    Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria
    CEO, Anboto Group
    Visiting Faculty

    Is the Founder & CEO of Anboto Group, the leader in Semantic and Natural Language technology applied to customer service, e-commerce and transactional user interface. He is also the current President of the Web Summit as well as an active advisor in the World Wide Web Consortium. Prior to those endeavors, Xabier was the CEO of Interlan Systems and has studied at MIT Sloan Management School, Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, TEC Monterrey and Deusto Business School.

    Chris Shipley
    CEO, Guidewire Group
    Visiting Faculty

    Is a leading technology and product analyst, and co-founder and CEO of Guidewire Group. As the executive producer of the DEMO Conferences from 1996-2009, Chris helped technology companies bring more than 1,500 new products to market. She began her career in 1984 as a journalist for leading technology publications, and has won numerous awards for her work with technology startups. Chris holds BAs in Literature and Communication Arts from Allegheny College.

    GEAP Global Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

    Accomplishment meets potential


    Date: 14 to 18 May 2012 (Mon to Fri).

    Time: 9.00 to 19:00.

    Duration: Five days.

    Language: English.

    Place: Deusto Business School, Bilbao, Spain.
    Local emblematic venues.

    Application closing date: May 2012.


    Today’s global economic conditions demand that business leaders adopt the values and practices of the best entrepreneurs in order to build sustainable companies and successful careers.

    This «Entrepreneurial Imperative» requires sharp skills and a unique character to evaluate and embrace business risk and identify and capitalize on emerging opportunity.

    In the global market, the tools and attitudes of entrepreneurship are more valuable than ever. They enable business leaders to evaluate risk, respond to customer requirements, and rapidly adjust to changing market conditions.

    The program leverages the experience and mentorship of successful entrepreneurs, who serve as our visiting faculty, guest speakers, and Master Class interviews.

    This intensive week of hands-on learning will set you on an accelerated path as you build your next venture, and establish the foundations of a global business network that will remain invaluable throughout your career.

    The program

    The curriculum is structured around the trademarked G/SCORE Startup Assessment Methodology, which evaluates emerging businesses and projects on seven key factors: overall concept, market opportunity, competitive advantage, business development, product development, leadership, and business model.

    Across the fi ve-day program, the elements of the G/SCORE will be used to structure learning about product-market fi t, competitive market position, fi nancial and business modeling, and business leadership and critical thinking.

    Class work will be supplemented by guest lectures and business case studies presented by global business leaders.

    These intimate presentations provide an opportunity for participants to learn directly from the experience of highlysuccessful entrepreneurs.

    At the conclusion of the program, successful participants will receive a graduate certifi cate from Deusto Business School, as recognition for their achievement.


    The Global Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program has been designed to give entrepreneurs and business managers the leadership and decision-making skills they need to build successful business ventures.

    The course will focus on key capabilities and learning experiences encourage entrepreneurs to undertake new business projects successfully.

    * The opportunity to share their experience with the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

    * A forum for discussion which will enable entrepreneurs to assess their views on the current business environment specifi cally focus on entrepreneurship.

    * A business and mentoring network of experienced entrepreneurs.

    * The opportunity confronts the challenge of connecting not only over cross-cultural barriers, but across time and space to work on their projects.

    Through hands on learning and intense mentorship, participants will develop and improve their business plan project and their business positioning and elevator pitch.

    The main objective of this program is to make a lasting impact-both on individual entrepreneurs and the projects they lead.
    At the conclusion of the program, successful participants will receive a graduate certifi cate from Deusto usiness School, as recognition for their achievement.

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