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Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design

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    Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design
    Undergraduate Courses - Milan

    • Credits: 180
    • Start date: October
    • Duration: 3 years
    • Attendance: Full-time
    • Language: English

    A Jewelry Designer develops and manages the whole jewelry collection project, from the concept and creative sketch – using both hands-on and digital techniques - to the mood definition and the collection production. Alongside design skills, this professional boasts an extensive culture of design, fashion and art, allowing to interpret trends, styles, market needs, consumer growth which make him able to provide creative and innovative design proposals. The knowledge of industrial mechanisms and marketing or communication strategies allows to properly interact with other professionals and e comprehend the whole production chain.

    Title – This course is accredited by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as a First Level Academic Diploma.


    Get an insight into the creative professions: Jewelry Designer

    Contest - The course involves the contemporary professional scenario keeping in mind two apparently conflicting realities: personal work and design for a company, two aspects demanding to be dealt with the same importance.

    Methodology and structure – Once the analysis and research methodology is gained, a Jewel Designer can look at the surrounding society to highlight main features and symbols that can be translated into innovative products, according to his personal taste.
    The course develops a massive technical and design knowledge to define a collection and produce prototypes.

    Students learn to appreciate the expressive possibilities of different materials, either traditional or innovative, by analysing material, chemical and morphologic features. The jewel and all its aesthetic, technical and economical features is deepened through dedicated laboratories.

    Design method becomes more and more relevant and the student can handle it. Creative sketch – made with hands-on graphic techniques – is supported by softwares and 3D print technologies to design objects through renderings and 3D modelings.
    Design management course, in particular, provides the necessary competences to plan, promote and manage cultural and design activities.

    The course ends with the Final Project that calls students to design a whole collection following their personal taste.

    Careers – Jewelry Design, Product Manager, Jewelry Technician, Independent Artist.


    I Year:
    • Style, History of Art and Costume
    • Design Methodology
    • Materials Typology 1
    • Technical Drawing
    • History of Design 1
    • Modeling Techniques 1
    • Graphic Design 1
    • Jewelry Design 1
    • Arts Semiotics
    • Theory of Perception and the Psychology of Form

    II Year:
    • Materials Typology 2
    • Drawing Techniques And Technologies
    • History Of Design 2
    • Modeling Techniques 2
    • Jewelry Design 2
    • Design
    • 3d Computer Model-Making Techniques
    • Design Management
    • Sociology Of Culture
    • History Of Fashion 1

    III Year:
    • Jewelry Design 3
    • 3d Rendering Technologies
    • Fashion Scenario
    • Phenomenology Of Contemporary Arts
    • History Of Contemporary Architecture
    • Jewelry Design 4
    At the heart of a metropolitan area that bears comparison with London and New York, Milan is for the whole world a synonym for art, industry, finance, design and fashion.

    Artists of the calibre of Leonardo and Bramante worked in Milan, and four centuries later, Marinetti and Boccioni, founders of the Futurist Movement.

    More recently, celebrated architects and designers, such as the Castiglioni brothers, Magistretti and Zanuso, and fashion designers
    like Armani and Versace, to name just a few, made Milan the world centre of fashion and design.

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