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Undergraduate Course in Photography

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    Undergraduate Course in Photography
    Undergraduate Courses - Milan

    • Credits: 180
    • Start date: October
    • Duration: 3 years
    • Attendance: Full-time
    • Language: English

    The Photography course programme fosters new media integration, cross-disciplinary activities and liberal arts, providing students with the necessary tools and skills to translate abstract concepts and photographic ideas into observable representations.
    Today’s students are challenged not just technically but – and above all – in the interpretation and rethinking of their own assumptions to expand their knowledge and ideas and become notable contributors to visual arts culture.

    Title –This BA is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I and awards 180 credits.


    Get an insight into the creative professions: Photographer

    Context – While other expressive methods and forms of communication make necessary for those who receive the message to subject to it voluntarily, photography has an overwhelming potential because it conveys its message in the very moment in which it is seen, regardless of the viewer’s decision to do so.

    Methodology and structure – Bachelor Degree in Photography is an intensive undergraduate program addressed to both technical and creative aspects of current digital and analog image practices.

    Students learn to produce their ideas as they assimilate the necessary cultural and technical notions to become images inventors and visual storytellers.
    The course begins with a strong focus on liberal arts to help students to enrich their expressive abilities and knowledge of the environment.
    They gradually learn to use professional equipment, to set up lighting and shoot pictures both outdoors and in highly specialized environments - such as the photographic studio – and to develop and print black and white films in the darkroom.
    Within each semester students produce technically outstanding and always more conceptually compelling images, learning how to organize their activities, to deal with clients and design individual marketing strategies.

    Liberal Arts lectures and project courses challenge students to understand cultural and social contexts, to read potential shifts in the interpretation of images through historical and contemporary perspectives thus improving their awareness of a wide range of issues.
    Students are also invited to enter cross-disciplinary approaches, working collaboratively and respond to external events and activities. Each student, by attending courses concerning the different photographic genres such as commercial, editorial and artistic, have the possibility to directly experience the different specializations and make a conscious and informed decision upon completing his/her training.

    Careers - Photographer, Photographic Publishing Specialist, Manager of Photographic Archives, Art Buyer, Studio Manager.


    I Year
    • History of Contemporary Art
    • History of Applied Arts
    • Design Methods
    • Computer Graphics 1
    • Photography Direction 1
    • Photography 1
    • Perception Theory and Psychology of Form
    • Arts Semiotics

    II Year
    • Computer Graphics 2
    • Photography Direction 2
    • Photography 2
    • Photographic Documentation
    • Phenomenology Of Contemporary Arts
    • Sociology Of Communications
    • History Of Cinema And Video
    • History Of Photography
    • Advertising Communication
    III Year
    • Theory And Methods Of Mass Media
    • Computer Graphics 3
    • Photography 3
    • Integrated New Media Techniques
    • Art Direction
    • Photography 4

    At the heart of a metropolitan area that bears comparison with London and New York, Milan is for the whole world a synonym for art, industry, finance, design and fashion.

    Artists of the calibre of Leonardo and Bramante worked in Milan, and four centuries later, Marinetti and Boccioni, founders of the Futurist Movement.

    More recently, celebrated architects and designers, such as the Castiglioni brothers, Magistretti and Zanuso, and fashion designers
    like Armani and Versace, to name just a few, made Milan the world centre of fashion and design.

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