Bike Fitting Workshop - Level 2.1. Advanced level - Correct fitting of a race bike in the bike fit center

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Informationen über Bike Fitting Workshop - Level 2.1. Advanced level - Correct fitting of a race bike in the bike fit center - Mit Anwesenheitspflicht - München - Bayern

  • Ziele

    - To learn a high-level very detailed bike fitting method.

    - To learn a detailed examination of the rider’s body.

    - To perform a detailed dynamic analysis of a bike position.

    - To apply the necessary adjustments of the bike by combining the results of the body examination and the analysis of the bike position.

    - Focus on improving performance, reduce complaints and prevent injuries.

    - A customer-oriented approach.
  • Anforderungen
    Target group:

    - Physical therapists

    - Sports scientists

    - Medical practitioners

    - Experienced bike fitters
  • Inhalt

    This state-of-the-art bike fit education program is developed by Bakala Academy and KU Leuven. The purpose of this program is to share their knowledge and experience on the biomechanical principles of bike fitting. The content of this program is based on the scientific research in the field of bike fitting and the extensive experience with a variety of cyclists from Pro-Level riders to many recreational riders.

    The goal of this 3-day course is to provide a very detailed high-level bike fitting method. During this course you will learn to adjust the bike to the rider’s body using a detailed approach.

    - The biomechanics of cycling
    - Interview of the rider
    - A thorough body examination prior to the dynamic analysis
                    Leg length differences
                    Stability problems
                    Joint stiffness
    - Measuring a bike set-up
    - Analysis of the rider’s bike position using:
                    Motion analysis (SIMI Reality Motion Systems)
                    Saddle pressure measurement (detailed saddle position)
    - Correct reasoning to apply the proper adjustments to the bike
    - You will apply this bike fitting method during practical workshops.

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