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    Master in Marketing.

    Director: Prof. Mercedes Esteban Bravo.
    Language: English.
    Attendance: In-class, from September 2013 to June 2014
    Credits: 60 ECTS
    Duration: 1 academic year

    The Master in Marketing at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) is a 1 year official master degree that enables you to extend your education and specialize in marketing areas. The program is designed to provide you a high quality specialization in in both marketing management and market research, opening up a wide range of excellent career opportunities. 

    The Master in Marketing is a pre-experience program is specifically designed for graduate students in Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Statistics, and Mathematics. The program consists of two tracks: Marketing Management and Marketing Research and Modeling.

    For the academic year 2013-2014, the tuition fees for the Master’s program are: EU citizens € 7.000, and Non-EU citizens € 12.000.

    Benefits of doing this program in a nutshell:

    • 10 months from start to finish; 
    • Courses taught in English, the business language
    • Competitively priced; 
    • Prestigious research institution looking to the future;
    • International Faculty;
    • Internships in large multinational corporations;
    • Scholarships that may cover up to 75% of the tuition fee.

    - 7.000 € european citizens
    - 12.000 € non european citizens



    All applicants must have a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree (three or more years of university studies) from an official university. Students in the last year of their Bachelor’s studies may also apply for admission; their application will be considered upon confirmation that they have successfully completed their Bachelor’s program.
    The Master in Marketing is taught in English and full command of written and spoken English is required.

    Scholarships for top students:

    The university offers tuitionships that may cover up to 50% of the tuition fee.


    The program consists of two tracks: Marketing Management and Marketing Research and Modeling.

    Marketing Management track will train you on various marketing managerial domains, such as Product/Brand Management, Communication Management, CRM, or Key Account Management. You will study issues like how to create brands, how to develop and test advertisements, how to set up new distribution channels, and key customers, and to carry out marketing research projects. In addition, you will learn how to apply these insights to real-life marketing problems.

    Marketing Research and Modeling track gives you in-depth knowledge in core analytic tools for optimal marketing decision making in risky environments. More and more, marketing research takes a prominent place in many businesses. Can we launch a new product? Is there a market for it? Should we revise our prices or communication strategy to fend off our new competitor? These types of marketing decisions should be based on sound research.

    • Strategic Marketing  3 ECTS    
    • Qualitative Methods and Survey Analysis  3  ECTS  
    • Data Analysis in Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Economics for Business  3  ECTS  
    • Consumer Behaviour  3  ECTS  
    • Marketing Management  3  ECTS  
    • Retail and Channel Management  3  ECTS  
    • Market Analysis and Experimental Research  3  ECTS  
    • Track Marketing Management:     
    • New Product Development  3   ECTS  
    • Pricing  3  ECTS  
    • Track Market Reseach and Modelling:     
    • Empirical Market Research  3   ECTS  
    • Marketing Decision Support Systems  3  ECTS  
    • Product and Brand Management  3  ECTS  
    • Communication and Advertising  3  ECTS  
    • Marketing Plan and Control  3  ECTS  
    • Track Marketing Management:     
    • International Marketing and Trade  3  ECTS  
    • Services Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Track Market Reseach and Modelling:     
    • Sales Response Models  3  ECTS  
    • Multivariate Data Analysis  3  ECTS  
    • Master’s Thesis   6  ECTS  
    • Electives (9 ECTS from the list below)  ECTS :
    • Advanced Topics in Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Corporate Strategy  3  ECTS  
    • Digital Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Financial Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Management Skills and Leadership  3  ECTS  
    • Sales Force and Key Account Management  3 ECTS    
    • Tourism Marketing  3  ECTS  
    • Internship  6  ECTS  

    As a recent MSc in Marketing, you may consider to do take part in this extension of the program. This is an opportunity to obtain a unique international curriculum integrating the global forces that are shaping the world today. At the end of the regular master program, students can opt to spending a placement period of 3-6 months in another school in another country studying complementary disciplines, ranging from Finance, Management, Information Systems, or Accountancy, to Economics, and languages.

    There are many different reasons, such as for complementing your education in other broader aspects of management, or challenge life skills such as confidence and self-reliance just for having the opportunity to live in another city in Europe or the USA, among others. 

    Students receive formal recognition for their academic study period abroad in the transcript of records and in the Diploma Supplement.

    University Auditorium.

    Situated on the Leganés Campus, the Auditorium seats 1,000 people and organizes an average of 50 events each year. Throughout the year over 60,000 spectators attend the auditorium performances. It also has an agreement with the Madrid Opera House (Teatro Real) which allows it to offer the best in opera at reasonable prices.

    La universidad Carlos III de Madrid ofrece un MÁSTER OFICIAL EN MARKETING, para especializarse en áreas de dirección de marketing e investigación de mercados. El programa es de 1 año, comenzando en septiembre del 2013.

    Cabe destacar:

    -Convenios de prácticas con mas de 3000 empresas
    -Becas para realizar estos estudios de hasta el 75%
    -Alta cualificación de nuestro profesorado
    -Colaboración estrecha con profesionales del campo
    -Se imparte en ingles 100% para adecuarse a las necesidades del mercado laboral

    Abierto ya el plazo de solicitud de admisión.

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