Post-Graduate 3-Year Course Fashion Design & Modelling

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    Post-Graduate 3-Year Course Fashion Design & Modelling.

    • Length: 3 years
    • Study pace: Full time 
    • Education level: Diploma / Certificate 
    • Institute: Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion & Design
    • Location: Milan 
    • Language: English 
    • Start date: October 2019 
    • Application deadline: 02 October 2019 

    Program description.

    3-Year Course in Fashion Design & Modelling.

    The varied and extensive programme of the 3-Year Course in Fashion Design & Modelling in Milan allows students to acquire an excellent theoretical knowledge of fashion design and fashion modelling as well as specific operation skills. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop technical aptitude and learn how to harmonise their creative originality with market needs: an essential skill-set for success in the industry.

    Each year of the programme has a specific function.

    The first year is preparatory, and provides students with the basic training and the main references and tools needed to understand the world of fashion and luxury.
    The second year takes a methodological approach, as it allows students to acquire professional and specialist knowledge.

    The third and final year sums all the competencies learned in the previous years and focuses on the realisation of a Thesis Project.

    Admission requirements.

    • Upper Secondary qualification
    • Suitable knowledge of English: demonstrated by a formal certificate or Skype language interview

    Program content.

    YEAR 1

    • History of Contemporary Fashion
    • Fashion Product
    • History of Italian Design
    • Material Technology
    • Methodology of Fashion Collection Planning I
    • English for Fashion I
    • Project Design I
    • Colour - Trends & Research
    • Computer Graphics for Fashion I
    • Fashion Drawing I
    • Patternmaking and Tailoring Workshop I
    • Nutrition I
    • Photo Posing I
    • Make-up and Hair Styling I
    • Photoshooting I

    YEAR 2

    • Introduction to Knitwear
    • English for Fashion II
    • Menswear & Sportswear
    • Accessories Design
    • Trends & Research II
    • Computer Graphics for Fashion II
    • Fashion Drawing II
    • Womenswear - Methodology of Fashion Collection Planning II
    • Patternmaking and Tailoring Workshop II
    • Project Design II
    • Nutrition II
    • Photo Posing II
    • Make-up and Hair Styling II
    • Photoshooting II

    YEAR 3

    • English for Fashion III
    • Personal Branding
    • Fashion Show Production
    • Kidswear - Beachwear & Underwear
    • Computer Graphics for Fashion III
    • Patternmaking and Tailoring Workshop III
    • Collection Sampling Workshop
    • Nutrition III
    • Photo Posing III
    • Make-up and Hair Styling III
    • Photoshooting III

    Applications for 2019 are open

    About us.

    Accademia del Lusso was founded in 2005, and is the School of Fashion & Design in Italy specialised in training key professional figures in the fashion, design and luxury sectors. Our main school site is on Via Montenapoleone, an inspiring location at the heart of Milan’s fashion district, and a mandatory stop for whoever wants to come into contact with the inner core of the fashion world.

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